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DIY leather dog harness - For medium size dog - Leather pattern - PDF Download

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The PDF files contain pattern in ONE size for dogs weight between 17-25kg (37-56lbs). Not suitable for smaller or bigger dogs!

You and I both agree that this harness may not be that necessary, but it would make your companion become one of the coolest ones in the neighborhood (or the park). "Wow, look at him/her. His/her harness is so magnificent. He/she must be one of those legendary royal breeds". That's how your boy/girl would be admired when he/she walks around the hood with a condescending manner.(Sorry for assuming your dog gender. If he/she/them is Gen Z, then I'm in great trouble). Or at least that's what I thought.


Dog Harness Pattern -Leather Harness DIY - Pdf Download


Required tools and materials:


  1. Leather: 7-8sqf, Veg tan, dense, 2-3mm thick leather 
  2. Waxed thread (0.8 - 1mm) 
  3. 3.2cm (1.5”) Buckles: 7 pieces 
  4. 3.2cm (1.5”) Metal rectangle: 3 pieces 
  5. 3.2cm (1.5”) D ring: 1 piece 
  6. Leather dye, Tokonole (optional) 
  7. Paper tape 


    1. Sharp knife 
    2. Plastic hammer or mallet 
    3. 1.2 or 1.5mm hole puncher 
    4. 3mm hole puncher 
    5. Needles 
    6. 600 grit sandpaper, burnisher, edge beveler (optional)


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      Shane Hughes
      Dog Harness

      Pattern Looks Great, I am yet to make it . But am looking forward to doing it
      Keep up the Great work

      Colin Edmiston

      DIY leather dog harness - For medium size dog - Leather pattern - PDF Download