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DIY leather coin purse with zipper - Spooky skull zipper coin purse / coin wallet for Halloween - Leather pattern - PDF Download

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I made this zipper coin purse based on the skull emoji.

You can stitch the flowers anywhere you like. This is just how I locate the flowers.

You can make the flowers grow from eye sockets, noses,...

There are more ways to make flowers from leather on YouTube. Choose the one you like most and make your own variety.

I would love to see a pouch that you make that has your own taste.

The dimensions are LWH = 10.5 cm x 5 cm x 11 cm.

It can also be used as a small makeup bag. Ladies can put in lipstick, small perfume bottles, etc.

I have calculated the location of all the stitching holes, so if you make it with leather that has the recommended thickness, you will be able to build it beautifully.

Please contact me if there are any holes that aren’t in the right place.

A4 and letter paper size in one file.


Required tools and materials:


1. Leather: Stiff chrome-tanned leather is recommended. If you use vegetable tanned leather, it may crease when you turn the wallet inside out. Total amount: 0.7sqft.
Leather thickness:

#1: 0.8mm
#2: 0.8 - 1mm (Skive the edge if you use thicker leather)
#3: 0.8 - 1mm
#4: 0.5 - 0.8mm (Skive if the edge is too thick)

2. Waxed thread (0.8mm)
3. Marking tape
4. Rubber cement
5. #3 zipper: 25cm
6. 2 - 3mm plastic edge piping cord: 70cm


1. Sharp knife
2. Mallet or maul
3. 1.5mm hole puncher
4. Needles
5. 600 grit sand paper, burnisher, edge beveler (optional)
6. 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm hole punchers


Instant download so you can print and get started right away!

Also, keep in mind that our patterns are protected by copyright, and it is illegal to resell or share them and will be punished by law.

All files are protected from illegal copying and alterations.

Also, the PDF file is intended for manual work and is not compatible with laser cutting or any machine.

Thank you for understanding.

This is the link for free tutorial video


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