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DIY leather Pen sleeve - Leather pattern - PDF Download

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DIY LEATHER PEN-I-SLEEVE (PDF leather pattern)


Are you tired of using plain, unremarkable pen sleeves that are just like everyone else's? We'll show you how to stand out from the crowd with a unique, DIY leather pen sleeve that's sure to turn heads. This project is perfect for beginners and only requires a few basic materials, so you can get started right away. Plus, the finished product will be a one-of-a-kind accessory that will make you the envy of all your pen-wielding friends. And as a special bonus, we'll be giving you a hint about the shape we're aiming for with this project - it's a little bit mischievous and sure to raise a few eyebrows. So grab your leather and get ready to craft a pen sleeve that's anything but boring!

The maximum length of the pen must be 16 cm or less, and the diameter must be smaller than 17 mm.

The PDF file includes three designs for pen sleeves, each with its own unique shape. However, all of the designs have the same structure and method of assembly. The file also includes tip on how to create a perfect stitching line.

This design is available in both A4 and letter paper sizes in a single file.


Required tools and materials:


1. Leather: 1 and 1.5 mm Veg-tanned leather is recommended. Total amount: <1 sqft
2. Waxed thread
3. Marking tape
4. Tokonole
5. #3 zipper (10cm)


1. Sharp knife
2. Mallet or maul
3. Chisel, Pricking iron...
4. Needles
5. 10 mm, 20 mm hole punchers
6. Sand paper, burnisher, edge beveler (optional)


Instant download so you can print and get started right away!

Also, keep in mind that our patterns are protected by copyright, and it is illegal to resell or share them and will be punished by law.

All files are protected from illegal copying and alterations.

Also, the PDF file is intended for manual work and is not compatible with laser cutting or any machine.

Thank you for understanding.

This is the link for free tutorial vide.

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